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Ask Me Anything: Top Answers to Your Questions About Dentist Near Me

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We all know that we should brush our teeth twice a day and floss, but maybe you have more questions about keeping your teeth healthy. And sometimes, googling ‘dentist near me’ just can’t give you the answers you’re looking for.  At Indy Family Dentist, we have compiled a list of our most asked questions and answers to give you the information that you are looking for.

  1. What are the best ways to keep your teeth healthy at home?
    1. Teeth one of the few things that can’t heal themselves. There are some practices that you should do at home that are vital to keeping your teeth healthy. Some of the things you should do regularly include; using products that have fluoride, eating low sugar foods, eating a diet that contains fruits and vegetables, and avoiding tobacco.
  1. How often should I be going to the dentist?
    1. The American Dental Association recommends that adults visit the dentist twice a year just to keep up on your smile. These checkups should help prevent you from getting cavities and get your teeth cleaned professionally.
  1. Why are my teeth so sensitive?
    1. Tooth sensitivity can be caused by a number of issues. Things like receding gums, grinding, chipping, whitening, and fillings can all cause your teeth’s enamel to start to thin.  This thinning enamel doesn’t fully protect the tooth pulp. irritants.
  1. Do you need to brush dentures?
    1. Yes! You should brush your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush every day. Some toothbrushes are even specially designed to clean dentures. If you wear dentures and you still have some remaining teeth, make sure to keep those teeth cleaned properly as well.  Plaque that is trapped on your teeth by your dentures can increase risk of decay.
  1. How do you prevent tooth decay?
    1. The best way to prevent tooth decay is to keep up with your oral hygiene, and to brush your teeth twice a day. Following a balanced diet and visiting the dentist regularly are the best ways to prevent tooth decay or gum disease.
  1. Why is sugar so bad for your teeth?
    1. Sugar is like an acid for your teeth. Your teeth are covered with enamel, which helps to protect the roots of your teeth. Sugar dissolves this enamel by sticking to it and breaking it down, causing cavities and root damage over time.
  1. What is a root canal?
    1. A tooth that is badly damaged can be saved through a root canal. The procedure involves removing the damaged pulp of the tooth, cleaning and disinfecting the ‘hole’, filling it, and sealing it up. The need for a root canal may arise due to cavities, cracked teeth, or repeated invasive treatment on your mouth.
  1. How do I make my teeth whiter?
    1. Having a white smile is the dream, but a hard thing to keep up with. Things like coffee, wine, tobacco, or highly pigmented foods can cause surface stains.  There are many in-office whitening treatments that can be done to maintain your white smile in a healthy way.
  1. When should children have their first dental visit?
    1. Surprisingly, your child’s first dental visit is usually before they even have a full set of teeth. Your child should see the dentist when they are between 6-9 months old, just for a visual examination. After they get their first set of teeth, they should continue to see the dentist regularly to prevent cavities and infection.

Next time you have questions about your teeth and the Internet doesn’t deliver, make an appointment for Indy Family Dentist! Don’t let your oral health fall by the wayside. Keep your smile looking healthy with a dentist you will love!

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  1. I like that you mention that kids should see a dentist before they have all of their teeth in. This is a good time to establish good oral hygiene early on, so just because they may not have all of their teeth, doesn’t mean that visiting a dentist should be overlooked. It’s important to ask a potential dentists questions before deciding on one because you want to make sure that you’re comfortable asking them anything and you want to know that they are knowledgeable and helpful.

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