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Are you looking for a painless way to get an extremely attractive “Hollywood” style smile?? Consider LUMINEERS!

LUMINEERS are highly-customized, ultra-thin porcelain veneers that require little to no preparation to the teeth. What this means for our patients is that using LUMINEERS to dramatically enhance your smile can be done painlessly without shots or heavy drilling!

With older, traditional porcelain veneers originally invented in the 1930s, the preparation to the teeth requires much more heavy drilling or grinding, when compared to LUMINEERS. Also, the enamel on the exterior part of each tooth is permanently removed to allow room for the thicker traditional porcelain veneers. That, potentially sensitive tooth structure will never grow back, so once it’s removed, it’s gone forever.

LUMINEERS are much quicker than the traditional porcelain veneer alternative. In most cases LUMINEERS can be fitted and placed after two short visits to the dentists. The first visit will be creating an accurate mold of you teeth, and the second visit will be placing your new LUMINEERS mold on your teeth. After these two quick visits, you will have the beautiful smile you’ve always wanted, instead of waiting for braces to straighten your teeth, or chemical treatments to whiten them.

As a cosmetic dentist for over 25 years and a preferred Indianapolis LUMINEERS dentist for over 15 years, Dr. Jerrold Goldsmith, DDS, FAGD has completed hundreds of “Hollywood” style porcelain veneer smile makeovers. He especially likes LUMINEERS because they are completely non-invasive, so your natural teeth are completely intact even after the procedure. Unlike other procedures that require drilling or grinding before they can be placed on your teeth. If you’re unhappy with your LUMINEERS for any reason, the procedure is completely reversible, unlike typical veneers.

As an extremely caring general and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Goldsmith’s job is to protect, maintain, and restore healthy tooth structure. So, he’s always felt that doing traditional veneers was against these principles as a dentist. He dislikes drilling down healthy teeth for only cosmetic reasons and found that he can get the same gorgeous cosmetic results with LUMINEERS instead.

Many consumers are worried about eating or drinking with their new LUMINEERS, but there is nothing to worry about. With your new LUMINEERS, you’ll be able to eat and drink with no worries of harming your new smile. Even chewing gum or extra sticky foods won’t harm your LUMINEERS. You can enjoy all of your favorite foods and drinks with your brand new smile.

Because of how thinly LUMINEERS are designed, they are comfortable and barely noticeable after a day of use. LUMINEERS are thinner than a traditional veneer. In most cases the LUMINEERS are comparable to the size of a contact lens, making them easy to get used to wearing. Most patients say they don’t feel any added bulk with LUMINEERS.

LUMINEERS has been changing smiles for over 30 years, with millions of happy customers. LUMINEERS are a fantastic and painless cosmetic dental smile makeover service for people with spaced teeth, chipped teeth, misaligned teeth, or stained teeth. If you’re looking to for a quick, easy, and painless way to revitalize your smile, LUMINEERS is the best option for you. Many people say LUMINEERS has “changed my life” and “given me more confidence”.

Having a new beautiful smile can change your life. You don’t have to live with gaps, stained, or crooked teeth. Your friends and coworkers will begin to notice immediately. If you’ve always wanted a gorgeous smile, don’t wait any longer, call Dr. Goldsmith today to schedule your first appointment towards the perfect smile.