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Snap-On Smile

Are you are looking for an affordable and painless “Hollywood” style smile makeover? If so, the Snap-On Smile may be the ideal solution to dramatically enhance your smile, even on a modest budget!

The Snap-On Smile is a highly customized dental appliance that securely “snaps” in over your existing teeth to cover up many undesirable dental situations. It is often used to dramatically enhance the overall appearance of your smile and can cover up spaced teeth, dark or stained teeth, chipped teeth, eroded teeth, misaligned teeth, and even replaces missing teeth like a partial denture.

There are two types of the Snap-On Smile. The primary Snap-On Smile will cover all of your teeth on the upper or lower arch, as opposed to a Snap-It, which only spans 5-6 teeth. Both options are intended to improve the aesthetic appeal of your smile.

The Snap-On Smile is also known as a removable veneer appliance because it performs a similar function to a porcelain dental veneer. However, this appliance is not a permanent solution, like veneers, and the estimated life span for it is about five years. However, it can give you the appearance of a gorgeous, high-end smile makeover for a fraction of the price!

Many patients prefer to use a Snap-On Smile versus traditional partial dentures due to a variety of factors. For one, there is much less hardware as nothing that sits on the roof of your mouth (palate). People say that with the Snap-On Smile, they have a better sense of taste and flavors, hot and cold, etc. Also, since all of the teeth are orthodontically aligned and a uniform shade and shape, it can be much more cosmetically appealing, as opposed to trying to match a partial denture to your existing teeth.

Unlike other options, the Snap-On Smile is not a permanent option. Your Snap-On Smile should be taken out at night and cleaned. Because it can be taken on or off, you don’t have to wear the Snap-On Smile if you aren’t satisfied for any reason.

Getting a Snap-On Smile is quick and painless. Trips to the dentist are normally filled with drills and needles, but not with a Snap-On Smile. With two short visits, you can have a new beautiful smile with no pain and no drilling. You first visit will be picking a style, and the dentist will take an impression of your teeth to mold the Snap-On Smile. The second visit will be a final fitting with our new smile. The whole process will only take about three weeks from your visit till the time you have your own Snap-On Smile.

Unlike other options like cosmetic teeth, your Snap-On Smile can be worn while eating and drinking. While it might take a few days to get used to the feeling, patients rarely express problems with a typical day’s use. It should be noted that the Snap-On Smile can be cracked or broken if put under extra pressure or stress.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, painless, and affordable solution to your less-than-perfect smile, then the Snap-On Smile is perfect for you. Get the Hollywood smile without the Hollywood price tag. With a Snap-On Smile, your friends will immediately notice your gorgeous smile and new confidence. The Snap-On Smile has countless rave reviews from patients that love their new smile.

Dr. Jerrold Goldsmith, DDS, FAGD has successfully completed over 200 Snap-On Smile since 2009, more than any other dentist in Indianapolis, and has been a general and cosmetic dentist for over 25 years.