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Mrs. Joy Dunn, she is about to see her brand-new smile for the first time, Mrs. Dunn, if you would, “Oh my gosh, those are so awesome, wow, oh my goodness, wow. Thank you so much, this is so awesome, you guys are all great! You are really nice, he explains everything really good and I mean it has just been great. I mean what I look like is great, but I mean everything you guys have been so nice about everything. I never felt any pain, anytime! Anything you guys did, you guys are always so nice, it looks  great! I will be sure to tell everyone who did it and recommend you guys. Thank you!

OK, if you would, introduce yourself please:
Bruce W. Hoosier

And what line of work are you in Bruce?
I am the mayor of the city of Portland Indiana.

And why did you seek out cosmetic dental services?
I was not happy with my smile with being in a high exposed profession I am in, I wanted to improve my smile I thought would fit my personality and my responsibility and give me more self-confidence and what I do.

And how did you find out about Dr. Goldsmith’s office?

I actually found out through the Internet about Dr. Goldsmith’s office and the staff people, I decided to take a chance and make an appointment and I’m certainly glad I did.

How have Lumineers impacted your life and the way you feel about yourself?

Well it  has far exceeded my expectations and confidence I have never been a person to lack confidence but it certainly has brought more of a confidence level to myself and certainly has impacted my life in a very positive way not only with myself individually but with my family and the people that I am involved with.

How would you rate the service and staff that you have received from Dr. Goldsmith and his staff members?

Excellent! I think that’s the one thing that I found out about Dr. Goldsmith and his staff is that the personal care that you get when you are here it certainly makes you look forward to your dental visit rather than resenting having to go. Their staff makes you feel part of the family, they are wonderful and it was a great personal experience.

And would you recommend Dr. Goldsmith and his office for others for enhancing their smiles and overall appearance?

Well one way I would put this is that once you have come to Dr. Goldsmith and experienced the positive atmosphere and service with the staff people that I promise you that you wouldn’t want to go anywhere else

Well Bruce, you have been a pleasure to help out and we look forward to your continued success in your field and taking care of you in the future. Thank you Bruce.

OK, if you would, introduce yourself please.

Hello, my name is Alicia Skirvin.

And why did you seek out cosmetic dental services?

I sought out cosmetic dental services because I was missing a lot of my teeth and I was unhappy with the way that I smiled.

And how did you find out about Dr. Goldsmith?

We were looking through the phonebook and we saw an ad that caught our eye.

And how would you rate the staff and services that you received?

I would rate it as exceptional, it went way beyond my expectations.

And would you recommend Dr. Goldsmith and his office for enhancing their smile and/or appearance?

Yes, I would recommend them.

Any more comments that you would like to add?

Just that the staff is really friendly and they did more than I thought they could do and I didn’t think that my smile can look this good!

Alright thank you so much.

You are welcome!